Nottingham Poetry Festival 2017

Building on the success of the first Nottingham Poetry Festival in Autumn 2015, and on behalf of the Nottingham poetry community, we are pleased to present a diverse programme of over 50 events that span 10 days for this year’s festival. Combining some of the most renowned poets in the country with our city’s voices, we hope to provide a showcase that represents Nottingham’s lyrical literary scene at its best.

This festival is very much a local arts movement and exists only with the goodwill, enthusiasm and active participation of local poets, organisers and you, the audience. We’d like to thank everyone involved in its preparation, and everyone who has supported the festival so far. With luck, planning and enough appetite, Nottingham – now proudly a UNESCO City of Literature – will be able to present and develop an annual Poetry Festival for many years to come.

Enjoy the poetry. Get involved in the events. Be inspired.

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