Hello there poetry people!

Please send us one of your poems so we can show off your talents via our Catalog of Poetry.

Not from Notts? No problem! We encourage submissions from all corners of the world. Don’t be shy, send one in but please do send us an English translation.

Poem submissions will be exhibited online and in festival venues,  some of those who submit will be invited to a developmental writing workshop with Bridie Squires, former editor of LeftLion Magazine and Co-founder of GOBS Collective.

The workshop will take place on Monday 29th May at 2pm – 5pm at a Nottingham city centre venue, you can also attend via Zoom.

Would you like to be invited to the workshop?
Do we have permission to display your poem online and offline?
During Nottingham Poetry Festival 2024 we will display the poems submitted as part of an exhibition. Do we have permission to display your poem as a part of this exhibition?
Do you wish to remain anonymous?
Does your poem contain adult content?