Nottingham Poetry Festival is pleased to present

Bitesize Poetry for Schools

This year the Nottingham Poetry Festival has a core aim of supporting poetry in our schools and we have four fantastic local poets to help us do that.

We are offering schools access to four of our brilliant support acts from this year’s festival.

  • Daron Carey
  • Sophie Sparham
  • Panya Banjoko
  • Kevin Jackson

You will get to access the following:

  • One ten-minute pre-recorded bitesize session of poems and a task for children and young people to try.
  • A short Bio, photo, and video of each poet for you to share in your school poetry sessions.
  • All bitesize sessions are a free resource for you to use in your schools, our aim is to get poetry beamed into all our schools in Nottingham and beyond.

We hope your schools find the poetry sessions of value and we hope they help encourage young people to continue to read, write and perform poetry.

Meet the Bitesize Poets

Come join Panya Banjoko to look at how art can inspire your poetry and get some great tips on how to become a poet and writer.
Take a walk through the door of ‘No Rules’ and let your poetry run wild with the help of the unforgettable Daron Carey.
Join Kevin Jackson to understand why poetry matters, learn to listen to what’s inside us and stay curious.
Explore the poem “Jabberwocky” with the help of Sophie Sparham and have a go at making up your own words and open your imagination.