Andrew Graves: God Save The Teen

Friday 3 May, 7pm - 9pm

City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham NG11FH


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A troubled teenage son and his aloof single father pick their way through a bitterly indifferent relationship in a funny and moving coming of age show about growing up and getting it wrong. Ex-youth worker and poet Andrew Graves relates a drama of gob-smackingly embarrassing first dates, imagined rock-n-roll supermarkets, divorce, disillusion and working class rebellion. Expect disappearing goths, sadistic PE teachers and a search for the truth and somewhere to belong. Whether a teen or not everyone will relate to this honest and nostalgic prayer to that joyously painful, pimple-faced period in our lives where everything and nothing seems possible; where you can be earnest, awkward, beautiful and ridiculous all at the same time.




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