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Sunday 23 April - 4.00pm - 9.00pm

Rough Trade - 5 Broad St, Hockley, NG1 3AJ


An inclusive event featuring workshops on found poetry and performing poetry, open mic and featured poet and Poetercize: the poetry game show.


with Jess and Liz

This facilitated workshop will guide you to finding your inner wordsmith- Found poetry is the literary version of a collage- by taking a variety of texts (lifestyle magazines, newspapers etc) you can try your hand at creating poetry from the most everyday sources- found poetry is a chaotic, creative and most of all fun, way of fashioning something amazing from pre-existing text. Participants will have the opportunity to perform their works later in the evening at Rough Trade or if feeling shy, can have their words shared by ………… (poetry group) everyone welcome!


with Sophie Sparham + Rhythmical Mike + Jamie Thrasivoulou

Sophie Sparham is a performance poet and writer from Derby. Represented by Tom Ashton, she is currently editing her second young adult sci-fi and fantasy novel.

Her poetry mainly focuses on political and social subjects, such as depression, LGBT and women’s issues. She has performed all around the UK; including festivals such as Y Not and the Opera House Stage at Rebellion, the UK’s biggest punk festival.

Rhythmical Mike is a storyteller and spoken word artist from Derby. His work involves love, compassion, community, altruism and all that jazz. His new film spoken word film ‘life’s beautiful game’ has been shortlisted in some renowned film festivals.

Jamie Thrasivoulou is a Poet, Storyteller and spoken word performer from Derby. His work is honest, raw, controversial, energetic, and highly politicised. His debut collection “The Best Of A Bad Situation” is forthcoming through Silhouette Press.

Sophie, Mikey and Jamie will be taking a performance poetry workshop. This workshop will allow performers to recognise and develop their own poetry through a series of exercises exploring style, projection, audience engagement and memorising verse. Alongside other useful tips and pointers.

Twitter: @SophieSparham


with Stephen Thomas

Poetercize! is a high-energy game show that sees involves two teams of contestants from the local poetry community battle it out in a series of mental and physical challenges based around language and poetry. The show has special guests, audience participation, lots of silliness and running about frantically. The show is designed to encourage people to play with language and allow poets to let their hair down a little bit! Everyone involved has to wear sportswear, with brownie points for bad designs and clashing colours. It’s unlike any other event with the word poetry in!

It’s influenced by panel shows and children’s shows I watched in my childhood including Shooting Stars, Crystal Maze and Fun House (but I think the style of the show would most closely resemble Shooting Stars except in previous shows the contestants have been stood up the entire time). It has been described as “kind of like a cross between Poetry Please and the Krypton Factor”.

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