The Immigration Handbook, Poetry readings with Caroline Smith

Friday 21st April - 7.15 - 9pm

Waterstones - 1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GR


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Rarely, in the whole history of literature, has there been a more timely collection of prose.


As the world descends into barely comprehensible chaos, refugees flee war in search of survival’s scant rewards, the coffee-quaffing Kulaks of so-called civilised nations turn their backs on scared and lonely children. Children in ‘camps’, in ‘detention centres’ where they wait for ‘processing’


Caroline Smith’s collection, The Immigration Handbook, draws a cast of characters and with a lightness of touch that defies the seriousness of the material; appeals for reason and kindness while drawing the difficulties of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants on the page with such poignant delicacy.


But she never let’s us forget that the statistics and headlines are human lives lost and found in the labyrinthine rat-run of the government bureaucracies they must navigate in order to survive.

Poems that will leap off the page and into your heart.

Special guest Alan Simpson, former MP for Nottingham South, joins us to introduce the author and this very special event.

All ticket proceeds will go to Safe Passage, the charitable trust set up by Kindertransport survivor Lord Alf Dubs

Further details: 0115 947 0069

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