Nottingham Poetry Get Together – Sunday 15th

Sunday 15 November, 2pm - 4pm

Roll up roll up, for a Nottingham Poetry get together!

Saturday and Sunday on both weekends will feature poetry submitted by an array of the fabulous poets based in Nottingham.. and occasionally beyond.

This Sunday Features…


Dr Martin Glynn

Dr Martin Glynn is the writer in residence at the National Justice Museum. He is a criminologist and Winston Churchill Fellow with over 35 years’ experience of working in criminal justice, public health, and educational settings. Dr Glynn is currently a lecturer in criminology at Birmingham City University.


Dave Wood

Dave Wood is a poet, gardener, poetic gardener, gardening poet, vinyl gatherer, book flicker, bhaji eater and ponderer of life things. Human occasionally.


Poetry Aloud presents: Looking Forward, with Hindsight

Three poets (Katy Gearing, Michelle ‘Mother’ Hubbard, and Lytisha Tunbridge} and one musician (Paul Carbuncle) got together on-line to play a game of Consequences. Each brought 5 pieces with connections to the eponymous theme – Looking Forward, with Hindsight – and were filmed live seeking connections through themes, words and images. Some are funny, some optimistic, some heartfelt. Because at all times, and especially during 2020, connections are what we all need to thrive, however tenuous!


Poets Against Racism x Resistance Live

Poets Against Racism and Resistance Live come together to celebrate diversity and stand up to racism and bigotry For the last 3 years Poets Against Racism have been performing across the UK, using performance poetry as a political tool to challenge the rise of racism and far right politics. They have one clear aim, use your poetry to spread love and humanity

Love Poetry
Hate Bigotry


Maria Taylor, Dressing for the Afterlife’

Maria Taylor is a British Cypriot poet born in Nottinghamshire, who has been highly commended for the UK Forward Prizes. Her latest collection ‘Dressing for the Afterlife’ has been described as ‘diamond tough and tender.’ Her poems are both rooted in the reality of the everyday and the passing of time, as well as the eccentric voices of parallel lives; from the ‘fizz and bubble’ of chip shops to Hollywood stars and glamour. Welcome to a very different afterlife…


Sunita Thind

Drawing from her dual Punjabi and UK heritage to display poems layered in dense imagery, Sunita Thind creates a battle plan for the future. How to emancipate yourself from centuries of right and rituals to cast a new light on multicultural Britain.


The Fighting Nightingales

The Fighting Nightingales consists of two brothers and one father. Father Nightingale (Pete) is an experienced jazz drummer who plays a uniquely cannibalised, customised kit fashioned from the resurrected remains of dead and unwanted drums and cymbals. Brother Nightingale No 1 (Mark) is a master of the mysterious twelve-string Stick; part guitar, part bass, part laboratory of strange and exotic sounds. Brother Nightingale No 2 (Adam) has no obvious musical ability whatsoever, bringing instead eccentric spoken word storytelling to the table, scored to the music of Stick and drum. Together they form The Fighting Nightingales.


Mr. John Rosley

Once a resident of Nottingham, John is now an escapee living far down under, no, not hell, Australia.
His comment on Australia comes straight from Shakespeare. “I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” ..tune in for a reading of something you may recognise.

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