As a Writer of Poems: Is D.H.Lawrence a Great Poet?

Saturday 29th April - 10am - 5pm

Eastwood Hall Hotel - Mansfield Rd, Eastwood, NG16 3SS


Discussions on the poetry and poetic works of D.H.Lawrence, led by Bob Hayward, Andrew Harrison, Annalise Grice, Catherine Brown and Malcolm Gray.

More info :

  1.  Bob Hayward:  A general consideration of the question with some reference to Lawrence’s      poems about non-human life and the natural world.
  2.  Andrew Harrison and Annalise Grice:  Considering ‘Look! We Have Come Through’.
  3.  Catherine Brown:  ‘Pansies’ and ‘Nettles’.


  1.  General discussion of some particular poems set for all attending to read in advance.
  2.  Malcolm Gray:  Lawrence’s poems on the theme of Death.


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Pay on arrival.

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