Our Voices, Our Stories: Disabled Writers Enabling Connections

Wednesday 11th May

11am - 1pm

NonSuch Studios - 92 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EH


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How can disabled poets be both given and denied access to tell stories?

Led by poet Maresa MacKeith, this panel discussion will focus in on the idea of belonging.

Maresa says, “Your own story, in whatever form, can set you free and turn your adversity into your creative power. Poetry can be that creative power. Several of us are gathering together as disabled poets to share our experiences and our work. Do you want to explore what makes us feel connected and disconnected?  Have you ever experienced a sense of alienation? Come and join us with an open mind.”

About Maresa MacKeith
Maresa is a writer, educator and observer of the world. She expresses herself non-verbally, through an alternative method of communication. She is the author of Taking The Time (2011, Inclusive Solutions) and I Can Still See The Sky (2019, Big White Shed) Her work features in an anthology of writing, Quiet Riot Collected (2016, Inclusive Solutions). Quiet Riot are an international collective of disabled people, who communicate using alternative, non-verbal forms of communication. Maresa has led numerous workshops and given talks in a wide range of educational and community spaces. She hopes her writing ‘challenges, comforts and gives hope’.

Maresa believes in connection, slowing down and being heard.

Doors 10.30am
Start time 11am

(An NPF Event)

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