NeurodiVERSE – poetry by neurodivergent writers

Wednesday 11th May

7.00pm - 8.00pm

Online (Zoom) - Online (Zoom)


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Join editors Janine Booth and Kate Fox for this selection of readings from Flapjack Press‘s new anthology, NeurodiVERSE.

‘Neurodivergence’ is defined as a variance in cognitive or neurological function from that considered ‘typical’ or ‘normal’. NeurodiVERSE is poetry about the neurodivergent experience specifically by neurodivergent writers, providing a powerful and diverse representation, with positive, authentic and progressive portrayals.

Featuring over fifty contributors from the UK and across the world, NeurodiVERSE is open to all who wish to learn about neurodiversity − and to all lovers of poetry. Seven of the writers included in the book are participants in Writing East Midland‘s Beyond the Spectrum project, which delivers writing workshops for autistic adults and young people facilitated by writers who are themselves neurodivergent.

(organised independently of NPF)


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