If Brave Spaces Make For Brave Poems, How Do We Get There?

Saturday 14th May

3pm - 5pm

Nottingham Writers Studio - 25 Hockley


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How do we, as facilitators, curate spaces that welcome and embrace the brave poems that may emerge from them?

Can any space be considered truly ‘safe’? What do you need to feel invited in? A part of an authentic, supportive community?

How do we allow participants a sense of permission to let anything belong on the page? The light and the dark. The joy and the grief.

How do we instil a sense of both rooting-for, and creating rigour, towards the act of poem-making?

This is not a masterclass.

This is an opportunity to listen, discuss, and bring your own invaluable experience and perspective on why you do what you do – be that as a facilitator, or a maker of poems.

Join poet Jim Hall as you interrogate the idea of what a brave space can and should mean, learning about methodology, practice, and purpose from your fellow attendees.

About Jim Hall
Jim is a writer, educator, and support worker based in Nottingham. His published work includes Upon Arrival, Drop Your Cool (2014), Boy (2015), and ELSEWHERE (forthcoming). He has delivered writing workshops in schools, University, and community settings, where he seeks to increase a participant’s creative confidence both on and off the page. He has worked as Programme Manager for Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, served as a First Story writer-in-residence at Nottingham Girls Academy, Nottingham Emmanuel, and Nottingham Academy schools, and is currently the lead writer for four Nottinghamshire Young Writers groups with Writing East Midlands.

Please arrive at the session at 10.45am for an 11am start.
This session takes place at Gallery Zero in Nottingham Contemporary, accessed via Gallery One.

(An NPF event)

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