The Re-Return of the Fighting Nightingales and their More Talented Friends

Friday 14th June

7.30pm - 10.30pm

The Upper Room at The Ned Ludd - The Ned Ludd, 27 Friar Lane, NG1 6DA

Pay what you feel

Join The Fighting Nightingales for a world of comically tall tales set to strange music. Stories of mythic American woodland beasts, indestructible bluesmen, indestructible moonshine runners, a homicidal 17th Century dwarf, misunderstood monsters, sentient trains and Carlton cannibals, ridiculous Faustian pacts, useless Greek deities, friendly Satanists, and a teetotal ghost from Newark-on-Trent, scored to the sound of flamenco guitar, blues guitar, renaissance guitar and mellifluous spoken word. Ably supported by Marjie Griffiths: By turns amusing and insightful, her poems are known to give the warm fuzzies to all who hear them. William Kummer: Rowdy, birds became organised thieves, a lonesome marrow succumbed to natural forces, and slugs rampaged across footpaths of jeopardy. Hear these stories and more! And comparing the evening’s festivities is The Golden Haired Angel himself, Ross Johnston, defier of reality and connoisseur of the weird and wonderful. Ross Johnson is great.

Nearest Tram Stop: Market Square

Event type and Accessibility :
Live, Steps/Not wheelchair accessible

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