The current climate is having a vast and varied effect on all of our lives, from political to personal there is change amongst us all. At Nottingham Poetry Festival, we want to ensure that we not only account for this, but answer to it. So…

  • All of our headline events will involve both our online and in-house audiences with a Q&A segment, enabling attendees the chance to gain invaluable knowledge and insights from our headliners.
  • We are working to ensure our audiences are a cocktail of to-the-bone poetry lovers; those completely new to the genre; and everyone in between, with thanks to the appointment of our new outreach member Manjit Sahota.
  • We’re making sure there is a focus on the importance of poetry and creative writing in our contemporary consciousness, with events such as panel discussions with multi-disciplinary poets, wrestlers teaching narrative structure workshops, and interviews with our contemporary greats.

Keep up-to-date

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Meet our new team

We want the poetry festival to continue to grow from strength to strength, and to help us do that we’ve expanded our core team. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest members:

  • Georgina Wildling: Creative Director
  • Manjit Sahota: Outreach Support
  • Bridie Squires: Event Support